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In today’s day in age physical therapy is a must. With more people especially athletes having the need to see a chiropractor. To many a chiropractor is a must especially for the elderly who have evermore challenge to move. In addition, people have found ability to better determine an injury and its proper way of treating it.

The Chiropractor practice is one of the most well known and sought out practice as it enables people to enter different medicals fields. One of them being in sports as every single sport needs a chiropractor who can help and recover the athlete as fast a possible. Another way in which a Chiropractor can be of help is in the form of teaching as for the most part their is a need for teaching physiology in every school’s curriculum. Furthermore, a chiropractor tends to be nice and thoughtful with his/her patients.

Osteopathic medicine was founded by Andrew Taylor Still about 140 years ago. As many of you know I’m a doctor of osteopathy (DO). DOs, like chiropractors, receive extensive additional training in spinal adjustments.

However, in my experience, only a small percentage of DOs are really skilled in this area as they have chosen a more conventional allopathic model, which includes more of an emphasis on drugs and surgery rather than diet and lifestyle changes.

In addition a chiropractor became a must as people found that with out one their bodies could not be helped to recovery. Over the years people have been found to help many even in the forms that many would not expect, one being in the form of giving advise especially athletes by telling them how they should play and take care of themselves.Finally is the world of therapy the only thing left is to have a wonderful circle of understanding.